Jun 18


The OVSCA will be heading to 35Raceway in Frankfort Ohio on JULY 1st for the very 1st time for 410 wing sprint cars at the 1/4 mile bullring.This will be one heck of a show for the fans we will see if Nathan Skaggs can keep his streak alive or will Andre Layfield, Danny Smith, Chris Ferrall from australia or anybody Else take the win. Maybe it could be one of the regulars like Kory Crabtree, Dave Dickson, Brian Benson, Ryan Broughton, Chris or Jamie Myers Mark Imler, Jason Dolick, Jessie McCreary , Randy Fink, Josh Davis or anybody else. All i know it will be an action packed show so load up the kids and neighbors heck bring the whole family because this is a show that you are not going to want to miss. Hope to see everyone there