Sep 24

Palker takes Feature at WAYNE CO. SPEEDWAY While Jamie Myers takes Championship

With 27 cars on hand Andrew Palker took the Feature Win at Wayne Co. Speedway.With the championship on the line Nathan Skaggs came to Wayne Co. Speedway with a 6 point lead over Jamie Myers and a 43 lead over Andre Layfield. Bad Luck hit Skaggs in his Heat as Myers Transferred to the feature in Heat 1. At the start of Skaggs heat the bad luck hit as he was caught up in a crash on the front straight away that destroyed his car and ended his run to the championship. In the Feature the Bad luck turned to Jamie Myers as a 1/4 way through the feature a rock ripped his oil pan and in a few lap Myers motor would Expire Ending his Night. This leaves Andre Layfield a chance to Win The championship after a good run in the feature. Layfield Would come up 16 point points short giving the championship to Myers with Layfield would come up to second dropping Skaggs to Third. Following Skaggs Would be 4. Dave Dickson 5 Lance Webb 6. Jason Dolick 7 Brian Benson 8. Randy Fink 9. Benny Hickel 10. Chris Myers. This will mark RANDY FINK’s final race as after 41yrs of racing has decided to hang up the helmet.
1 cLAY rINEY 2 BRIAN BENSON 3 Lance Webb 4 Brandon Conkle 5 Kingman 6 Fike 7 Randy Fink 8 4K 9 Steve Butler 10Tim Hunter DNS 11 Benny Hickel DNS 12 Nathan Skaggs DNS
1 Palker 2 Mumaw 3 Gunn 4 Haudenschild 5 RYAN 6 RINEY 7 Soldeman 8 Layfield 9 C. MYERS 10 Dolick 11 Davis 12 Conkle 13 Dickson 14 Webb 15 Harble 16 1F 17 J. Myers 18 4c 19. Benson 20 Kingman